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Why InnovestFX ?

1. Superior FX Trading - STP, NDD, DMA, ECN

Direct Market Access and Straight-Through Processing and Electronic Communication Network (ECN) 100% guarantee a faster, safer, and more dependable trading environment.

Your orders are routed directly to liquidity takers in sub-millisecond times, with no requotes or delayed execution, and no dealing desk intervention.

You receive executable price streams with deep, transparent liquidity and no risk of trade interference, and a setup which eliminates all broker-trader conflict of interest or rate manipulation from other brokers that you may have experienced before. We make that impossible, freeing you from anxiety and giving you the peace of mind you need to achieve results.

2. Best in class Technology / Super Fast Order Execution

Slow order fills and high-latency platform issues can have a disastrous impact on your bottom line profit & loss.

Our cutting-edge technology ensures that 99.99% of standard order are executed under one millisecond, and makes market entry effortless with one or double-click trading available directly from your charts. InnovestFX is acknowledged as an industry leader for superior execution of orders.

3. Depth of Market

Level II currency rates offer complete transparency by showing you real-time bid and ask rates and displaying the amount of liquidity available for each. This insight into 30 million+ market depth can also be critical when determining your price projection forecasts.

4. Safety of Client Funds

Our strong risk management systems work to provide our clients with one of the safest trading environments in forex. Client funds are deposited entirely into segregated bank accounts according to the law to ensure the security. These accounts are off balance sheet and cannot be claimed by any creditors or used by InnovestFX for its own purposes.

5. Negative Balance Protection

Our Negative Balance Protection policy ensures that you never lose more than your deposited funds. 

6. Lowest Cost Trading and Spreads

Our deep liquidity from multiple premium tier 1 banks in Europe and the US and advanced execution technologies allow us to offer the lowest spreads at all times. 

7. Local Customer Service 24/7

One of the main barriers of effective communication is about language. Our skilled relationship managers will support you through your trading journey in order to help you pursue your good trading performance in your local language by email and live chat system.

8. Fast Deposit and Withdrawal of Funds

InnovestFX is well aware that fast deposit and withdrawal of funds are extremely important to our clients. We are differentiated from other brokers available in the market by allowing clients to deposit and withdrawal of funds instantly. You will be surprised how fast our money transfers are to your bank account.

9. Fair and Trustworthy

Trading with InnovestFX means trading with a broker who is fair and trustworthy. All clients enjoy the same fair and ethical trading conditions regardless of their net capital worth, the size of their investment, or their account type.

10. Program to Protect Your Loss (Copy Trade)

Copy Trading account provides the protection of client's fund. To prevent the loss of customer funds in the amount not to exceed undue risk, we use the system to prevent the loss by trying not to exceed 50% of the initial fund. However, in case there are news or events that may be too volatile, investors need to manage and take the risk accordingly.

11. Free Education / Seminar

InnovestFX provides an extensive range of educational content on our website, live seminars, training programs, and webinars by forex experts with free of charge to ensure that all clients are knowledgeable enough to gain trading profits.

12. Excellent Partner Program

For more experienced traders, you can multiply your profits by becoming one of our valued Affiliates or Introducing Brokers (IBs). We give you powerful tools to help you grow your referral network and further increase your profits. Benefit from our lucrative affiliate referral scheme, which includes a high compensation plan, a world-class suite of marketing resources, instant payments and insightful reporting - helping you to track your success with us. Free overseas trip will be a part of bonuses that we provide for our Introducing Brokers (IBs).

13. Satisfaction Guarantee

We have a satisfaction guarantee program. In case you are not satisfied with our services or platforms, you can withdraw all of your funds and close your account anytime.