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Mirror Account

Mirror Account becomes the most popular type that our clients always select with 2 main valid reasons.

First, InnovestFX has partnered with the best mirror trading platform for forex. For some, lack of experience or time can make trading forex difficult. Fortunately, automated trading on Mirror Trader can help by allowing you to follow and copy the strategies of experienced forex traders with a single click.

Second, Copy Trading account provides the protection of client's fund. To prevent the loss of customer funds in the amount not to exceed undue risk, we use the system to prevent the loss by trying not to exceed 50% of the initial fund. However, in case there are news or events that may be too volatile, investors need to manage and take the risk accordingly.

Last but not least, whoever realizes that they have a very good trading performance and need other new and inexperienced traders to follow as a Strategy Provider, our platform allows them to get some commissions from the followers worldwide as well. This is a win-win solution for both Strategy Provider to get commissions and Followers to get profits.

Mirror Account