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Our MAM plug-in allows users to assign multiple sub-accounts to a single master account.  Any trade then opened by the master account will be distributed automatically among the sub-accounts in real time, with the individual sub-account volume calculated using a simple allocation method.

When a deposit or withdrawal is made to a sub-account, the corresponding master account balance will reflect this, and stay aligned with the total sub-account balance.  Multiple master accounts can be configured with the plug-in, each with their own corresponding sub-accounts.

Our MAM user interface provides a clear way to manage individual allocations.  This allows users to login to any of the configured master accounts through a separate window to MT4 and perform maintenance to, or query, the list of assigned sub-accounts.  A list of all open master orders can be displayed quickly using the interface, along with the configuration of various settings for individual sub-accounts.

Key Benefits

  • Allows multiple sub-accounts and master accounts
  • Real-time automatic distribution of trades
  • Can be created on multiple user accounts
  • Runs on existing MT4 server.  Does not require separate hardware
  • Has dedicated GUI interface for management
  • Multiple allocation methods configurable
  • Email functionality
  • Balance Checker tool included